Anton Family

Anton Family

October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! Mara, Megan, Julia and Aaron had a spooktacular time trick or treating. Mara was Amelia Earhart, Megan was Ming-Ming from the Wonderpets (also a fellow aviator), Aaron was Johnny Cash and Julia was a pumpkin princess. Grandpa Mitch handed out candy to all the ghosts and gobblins. The weather was a perfect crisp relatively-warm autumn night. Our house was one of the scary houses in the neighborhood, mostly due to our flashing strobe light, spider webs and creepy Halloween sounds coming from our house! Mara also enjoyed carving the pumpkins we picked from the patch.

October 26, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Search

Our Search for pumpkins led us north to Broomfield to experience the largest pumpkin patch anyone has every seen at Rock Creek Farms! There were thousands of pumpkins as far as the eye could see. the Flatirons created a wonderful backdrop for the beautiful fall day. Mara searched and searched through three of the many patches to find her perfect 'little pumpkin.' Aaron assisted in removing the pumpkin from its vine. After finding our pumpkins we headed over to the farm area to enjoy the yummiest caramel apple ever! Mara also enjoyed the hay area, where she could run and jump from hay bales into the piles of hay all around. Megan enjoyed the animals on the farm, a cow, lamb, pigs, pygmy goats, and ponies. Grandpa Ed and Mormor also were very amazed at the size of the pumpkin patch. We hope to return next year for our annual great pumpkin search.

October 21, 2008


These are some pictures of the family just hanging out and doing what we love to do. Megan has hit another milestone, she is crawling!

October 20, 2008

Megan's First Haircut

Megan had her first haircut! She was just shy of 7 months and she did very well. Her grandmothers were both there to help, Nana trimmed her locks and Mor-Mor kept Megan happy and content.

October 18, 2008

Katie and Jeff's Baby Shower

We headed down to the Farm to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Jeff and Katie's baby boy! It was great to get the family together and especially to see all the little cousins play together.

October 12, 2008


These are various pictures from the summer from Mor-Mor's camera. Some are from Fathers Day, the summer and Winter Park. Enjoy!

October 5, 2008

Corn Maze

Fall has officially arrived in Colorado! The girls and Grandpa Mitch enjoyed the changing season by visiting the Denver Botanical Gardens satellite location in Chatfield area. We braved the corn maze and let Mara lead us to the exit most of the way (eventually mom took over after circling a few times!) Mara also enjoyed a horse ride on Peanut.

Apples and Honey and Aspen Gold

Happy New year! For Rosh Hashannah we attended an Adventure Rabbi retreat in Winter Park Colorado. We had a wonderful time, reflecting on the past year and welcoming in the new year surrounded by serene beauty of the mountains in the fall. The Aspen trees were all glowing gold and the air was crisp and fresh.