Anton Family

Anton Family

December 30, 2008

Denver Zoo Lights and The Children's Museum

Our Holiday Fun continues with trips to the Denver Zoo for Zoo Lights and the Children's Museum. The Zoo Lights was a lot of fun, lots and lots of lights. It was a bit cold after a mild day so Julia has a nice fleece now to remember the visit (One to match Aaron's 6 flags sweatshirt) The kids enjoyed the museum. Mara thought that there would be children there to go see... the mind of a two year old, I think she was happily surprised to find more than children there. Mara really enjoyed being a Vet and playing on the fire truck. Megan like crawling around in the infant room. Anthony really like the fire truck also, as well as shopping in the grocery store.

December 28, 2008


Eight crazy nights were celebrated by the Anton Family. The girls enjoyed every night, filled with lots of latkes, dreidel games, lighting candles and singing prayers and presents of course. Mara did very well this year, singing along and reciting almost every word correctly. Megan was in awe by the eighth night, hopefully next year she can sing with us. She also received an extra special present this year, on the eighth night she popped her first tooth!!!

December 25, 2008


Christmas at the Schauer's was fun and festive for all. The whole family was together for the first time in a long time. This time around we had kids to add to the mix. Uncle Matt had a great time enjoying his nieces and nephew until of course it was time to sleep, suddenly the basement seemed like a great place to be. Christiana and Nick are enjoying an extended vacation in Colorado along with Anthony, who loves playing with his cousins. We have an exciting week planned with lots of food, fun and family. We hope this holiday season was warm and bright for all.

December 14, 2008

Cousin Keegan

Our First visit with Cousin Keegan! After surviving the plane trip to Florida (middle seat with an 8.5 month old in my lap and two random people beside me... yeah fun...) we met the newest member of the Anton family. The new Mom and Dad are also doing well and we all had a wonderful time seeing all the kids together. It's going to be a blast when they are all old enough to run around together. Keegan is quite the content little guy (unless of course his diaper is being changed, but who likes that anyway?) His Nursery is adorable all decked out in airplanes and bears. The girls celebrated Hanukkah early and Ming-Ming the singing and Dancing Wonder Pet was a big hit with both the girls. Mr. bobbly Penguin is a close second. We enjoyed the bit of warm weather before we headed back to Denver where it is frigid cold(-5 degrees)!!

December 8, 2008